Basic Rules of the Challenge


Use your imagination! Your creation can be traditional or contemporary.

Item Selection: Your challenge must be a small quilt or wall hanging, not a tote bag, pocket book, vest or jacket, etc.

Finished Size: Your challenge must be in the shape of a rectangle measuring 20” by 24”. Your rectangle can be either vertical or horizontal, but remember it will hang in our show so make sure any embellishments you add won’t droop when we hang your challenges. Also make sure your sleeve is on the correct edge on the back so we know which end is up for hanging.

Methods of Construction: You are free to use whatever construction or quilting methods work best for your creation (i.e., machine piece, hand piece, paper piece, machine appliqué, hand appliqué, machine or hand quilt, etc.). We encourage you to challenge yourself and be creative.

Fabric Requirement: You can use whatever fabrics you want in your challenge. There is also no limit to the total number of fabrics or kinds of fabrics used in your challenge but think flowers.

Embellishments: Embellishments are optional.

Hanging Sleeve: The quilt back must have a hanging sleeve. We may use pins or clothespins to hang your quilt at the show, but we’d like the sleeve in case we decide to hang them on a rod or rope.

Label: Make sure you put a label with your name on the back of your challenge. Give credit to the source that inspired you. Please cover up your label with a piece of paper, fabric or tape before handing it in for voting at our guild meeting so it’s a secret as to who made it.

Due Date: Finished challenges are due at our September, 2024 guild meeting for judging by your quilt guild peers and subsequently will be hung at our September 2024 quilt show for attendees to vote on their favorite. All guild members attending the September, 2024 meeting will have the opportunity to vote anonymously for their favorite challenge quilt. Ribbons will be awarded for the guild favorite and the top favorites of the show viewers.


If you have any questions about the challenge please contact Mary Ann Karpinski

Click here for Rules in .pdf format